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Drum teacher in South East London, Lewisham, Forest Hill, SE23

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Drum lessons in South East London - Dominique Pizzinat alias Pizzante
Dominique Pizzinat plays
Murat Diril handmade Turkish Cymbals

Drum lessons london - school of drumming londonDominique Pizzinante drummer

The School of Rhythm is a music school specialising in drum tuition. It was established in South East London, Forest Hill, SE23 in 2001 by Dominique Pizzinat and is known as' The Forest Hill Drum School'. It now has extended its drum studios to Penge, SE20.
Our London Drum school offers professional drum lessons to children and adults. All levels and all style of music are catered for. Preparation for theTrinity Collegel and Rock School drum-kit grades is available (See right column). Students who wish to take this route are are prepared for the Grades 1 to 8. (for the last 8 years we have a record of 100% success mainly wtih 'merit' or 'distinction')

Opening hours:
10am till 10pm 7 days/week
(Including all bank holidays and half terms)

Age range:
From 5 to 75
Currently 50/50 between under 18 and adults - 35% are females.

From total beginners, to intermediate
& advanced levels, to professionals
who need coaching to address specific areas.

We have students coming from all over but for transit time info:.
Within 10-20min
Dulwich, East Dulwich,Forest Hill, Brockley, Sydenham,
Penge, Beckenham, Crystal Palace, Norwood, Croydon
Within 30 min:
Lewisham, Lady Well, Peckham,Camberwell, Streatham, Bromley, Greenwhich, Victoria, London  Bridge via B/R or Overgropunf to Penge East or Penge West.

Students in our drum school learn on real acoustic professional drum kits (Pearl, Gretch, Yamaha, Premier, Mapex, Zildjan, Paiste, Murat Diril...). Since 2001 we have NOT taught groups of 10 drum students at a time in a room filled up with electronic kits. We like electronic drum kits but we prefered to teach you on real drum kits - the real McCoy!

100+ students of all ages are today receiving weekly or fortnightly one to one drum lessons in our professionally equipped studios.

In an effort to open our school to everyone, we are opening end of 2019 a group drum lessons section in a new studio equiped with electronic drum kits. These courses will be in groups of 4 students maximum under the guidance of our exceptional teachers. These drum lessons will be accessible to those on a tight budget.

Our drum studios are based 7 min drive from Forest Hill Station, in Penge, South East London - a few minutes walk from Penge West and Penge East train/overground station and 1 min from the main bus stops; there is plenty of free car parking.
These premises benefit from state of the art professional sound proofing, air conditioning, CCTV and buzzer controled entry. Students can enjoy a pleasent arty environment with tea & coffee.
Studio 1 and Studio 2 are each equiped with 2 excellent drum kits (Premier Artist Maple, Pearl Export, Mapex V and DW) and a professional Mackie 450 watts sound system to practice along with backing tracks.

These premises also offer practice rooms and we are working with the main local Music Academy to team guitarists, pianists, bassists etc with our drum students when they are ready to start a band of their own. For this purpose we also have a great relationship with the local School Of Rock.

Drum lessons are on a one to one or group of 2-4 basis, one hour weekly or (rarely) fortnightly. Other drum group practice sessions are held monthly when possible to greatly boost the student's stick control (open to all students and people from outside the school).

Dominique Pizzinat has been joined by Jimmy Pallagrosi in 2013 and Matthew Vella in 2015. Then 2017 the opening of the 2nd studio added Ben Pearson, Carlos Alberici, Liam Hornby and Jack Summerfield. Our 5 teachers have a music degree (BMUs) and are touring musicians - when one is away another one steps inso as to maintain consistency in the teaching. This helps greatly to generate the fun and high energy atmosphere the school is famous for and helps maintaining the enthusiam of our teachers.

Due to their career commitments the number of students per week is limited. To check if there is a slot available which would work for you (or your child) please contact us through the 'contact' link above. You can sign up for one hour or choose from various discounted packages. Payment options are cash, cheque, and credit or debit card via Paypal.

We also give you the opportunity to offer drumming vouchers as gift to friends and family
- see left column.

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An advice from Steve Ferrone

Steve Ferrone has been the drummer for:
The Bee Gees, Scritti Politti, Brian May, Anita Baker, George Benson, Jonathan Butler, Bryan Ferry, Climie Fisher, Eric Clapton, Christine McVie, Peter Frampton, Jeff Golub, Rick James, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Freddie King, Pat Metheny, Marcus Miller, Morrissey-Mullen, Dick Morrissey, Jeffrey Osborne, Paul Simon, Duran Duran, Bernie Worrell and Jaco Pastorius, Al Jarreau, Michael Jackson..
drum teacher in London

Chick Corea's SPAIN by STEVIE WONDER at the O2 in 2008
featuting Stanley Randolf on Drums.. and a few others!
The drum solo starts at 10:00 but if you wish to live 11 minutes
of pure happiness listen to it all!

You like Rock drumming? Here you Go!

That is insane...

Drum lessons in Penge, Crystal Palace, Beckenham, Forest Hill, Croydon, Dulwich, Streatham, Camberwell, Catford london,
drum teacher london, drum tuition london.

For their drum lessons, most of our students come from Forest Hill, East Dulwich, Dulwich, Honor Oak, Greenwhich, Black Heath, Bromley,Crystal Palace, Croydon, Micham, Peckham, Ladywell, Lewisham and Streatham.

Latest News - Latest News
Latest News - Latest New

Sept 2019:
After a fantastic summer, we announce the opening of several group lessons (weekly slots) at a very attractive price
to help new students on a budget. This section should open by December 2019, if you are interested sign up as soon as possble.

Sept 2019:
With 100+ students weekly receiving one 2 one lessons, our two state of the art soundproofed studios in Penge are now at almost 100% occupancy. Do not delay if you wish to sign-up on our course!

Apr 2019:

Another of our students is doing well on the London music scene with his band 'The Business Dudes'. Robert Pratt is a powerfull and dedicated drummer with his very own personal style. This is high-octane punk-rock and their fan base grows very quickly. An absolute treat for the ears and for the eyes!

April 2019:
We are currently preparing 35 students for the grades 1-8 of Trinity College and have just recorded the following results:
Grade 8:
Isabelle Bridge (merit)
Grade 4:
Nash Kachidza (merit)
Grade 2:
Gabriel Nugent (distinction 88%) &
Laurie Campling (distinction 93%)
Grade 1:
Joshua Rama-Hallin (distinction 88%)
Luke Cayol (distinction)
Max Benson (merit)
Ben Rowbottom (merit)

Oct 2018:
Congratulations to Benjamin Ashcroft who successfully auditionned for Andrew Lloyd Webber's West-End musical The School of Rock! The next step in the eliminary process will be early January... watch this space!

Oct 2018:
Marshall Saunders who passed Grade 8 with distinction in June has now joined the National Youth Orchestra (NYJO) in London.   Another accomplishment for this sleek drummer!

Sept 2018:
18 new students are currently being prepared for their drum kit grades 1- on Trinity College curriculum! most of them will pass by the end of the year.
We are rolling...

Sept 2018:
24 of our drum students have passed their Trinity College drum kit grades 1-8 since January, 100% success, 98% passed with merit or distinction. This is awesome and the result of team work from our teachers, Trinity and each student individually.

July 2018:
Congratulations to Marshall Saunders - 17 - who passed his Grade 8 Drumkit Trinity College
with Distinction. Hard work, loads of passion and weekly lessons made it possible. This is a great accomplishment!

Jan 2018:
Congratulations to the 17 students who passed a Trinity College or Rock School grade last year. We had 99% merit or distinction and maintain our 100% pass since our first candidate in 2009!

Nov 2017:
Congrat Nailah for passing Grade 2 Rock School with merit!

October 2017:
We have doubled capacity by acquiring a new state of the art sound proofed studio to help cater for the high demand for our drum lessons.
Our teachers' team has doubled, increasing to 5 professional drummers.
Jimmy Pallagrosi (with us since 2013) - Matthew Vella (with us since 2015) - Ben Pearson (just joined) - Danny Langston (Just joined). Each of them is a respected performer with excellent credits and high musical education

August 2017:
Congrat to the following students for doing so well on the Drum Kit Grades at Trinity College in July:
Joe Hall - Grade 5
Jaylen Stewart -Grade 3 (Merit)
Henry Holden - Grade 3 (Merit)
Bruno Antao - Grade 2 (Merit)
Alfie J. Abbey - Grade 2 (Merit)
Max Isherwood; Grade 1 (Merit.

July 2017:
Congrat Arhtur Balajo for passing Grade 2 Trinity College with Merit!

June 2017:
Congrat Kathy Wright and Seth Rogers for having completed the study of Dante Agostini
Vol 0. They are both starting Vol 1!

May 2017:
Congrat Daniel Owen and his teacher Jimmy Pallagtrosi for passing Grade 1 drum kit Trinity College with Merit!

Jan 2017:
Congrat Aliyah Majeed for having passed Grade 2 Rock School, Franek Kaczmarczyk Grade 2 with Merit, Emile Naidoo Pendelbury Grade 5 with Disctinction, Nailah Brown Grade 1 Trinity College with Merit, Joe Hall Grade 4 Trinity College with Merit.
We currently have 8 students preparing new grades. Watch that space!

June 2016
Congratulation Pauline Tribe for passing her Rock School Grade 2 drum kit with Merit!

Jan 2016:
The School of Rhythm now has
a team of 4 fantastic teachers
incl. D Pizzinat. The demand for its courses keeps increasing. The plan is to double the size of our premises by Sept 2017.
Big-big THANK YOU to Jimmy Pallagrosi, Matthew Vella and Luke Gordon who constantly take such great care of our students!

Jan 2016:
Matthew Vella has joined our team of drum teachers. Matthew is an experienced drummer with a Master degree at LCCM and he is also an experienced teacher. He is currently playing with a couple of Heavy Metal bands Welcome Matthew!

Luke Gordon has been a student of The School of Rhythm for 8 odd years and has now join the school as a teacher until his deparutre to Uni in Sept 2016. Luke plays in a very good rock band and is an excellent drummer (of course!).
Welcome Luke!

Jan 2015:
Happy, Groovy, Joyful and Prosperous 2015 to all our students and friends!
Congrat to Donna Grimshaw who just officially joined reknown Trash Metal band Virus!
Well done to Luke Gordon (17) who has performed in major London venues throughout 2014 with their band Radio Radio and secured a residency at the Brixton Windmill!

Dec 2014:
What a year it has been!
In its new state of the art studios our London drum school has seen a fast increasing number of students of all ages regularly attending their weekly lessons. 7 students succesfully passed their Trinity Guildhall and Rock School grades in 2014 (100%), 4 with merit and 2 with distinction. Several students have joined their first band and most of them now have a drum kit at home - acoustic or electronic.

Sept 2014:
The school is filling out as young students are able to organise their new school year schedule and adults of all levels are joining the school in our new professional premises. New students should apply quickly while some slots are still available.
July 2014:
has passed his Grade 4 rock School with Distinction (95%) - Albie has passed Grade 3 Rock and Pop Guildhall!
We have moved in June into fantastic new premises!
We still teach in Forest Hill but our main studio is now at 199 Maple road, Penge. Access is very easy via car, bus and rail.

Most lessons are now delivered in this state of the art profes-sional recording studio fully sound proofed with CCTV,
band rehearsal rooms & spacious waiting areas
2014 is going strong!
Donna Grimshaw passed her grade 5 Guildhall with distinction in April and is now preparing Grade 8! Cooper passed his Grade 1 with merit in June.
Summer 2013 has seen excellent results on the Grades of Trinity Guildhall and Rock School:
................................................ Sarah Venn passed her Grade 4 Rock School with distinction (90%)
Finley Mapplestone passed his Grade 4 Rock School with merit (86%)
Solomon Omar Appleby passed his Grade 3 Rock School with merit (81%)
Alby Oliver passed his Grade 1 Guildhall with distinction (87%)
Isaac Mensah successfully passed his Grade 2 Rock School (72%)
Comments on the examiners’ reports ranged from ‘ High degree of stylistic awareness’ to  ‘Very secure techniques and co-ordination’, ‘Well Done!’, ‘The performance was altogether excellent and musical’, ‘This was played with confidence and an excellent attention to detail. Musically mature and rather moving’…

Luke and his band have won the Battle Of The Band in Clapham!

Amy has begun reaharsing with her first girl band!

Luke, 14 has begun to rehears with his first rock band! Watch that space!

Max Threadgill's band PALMS album launch and a great video of their track WRECK is now available!

The Forest Hill Let's Drum Project is starting. It is giving access to professional drum tuition to local children and young adults from low income families. For details, please email through our contact page. Organisations & persons who wish to support or sponsor the project are of course welcome (and will indeed be needed in a near futur).

Yussef Dayes and his band United Vibrations are performing Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July at The Secret Garden Festival and were featured on XFM last Tuesday evening!

Noah Cayenne Elliott and Wayne O'Connor passed their Grade 1 Trinity Guildhall 17 & 18 July.
Noah scored 93% and was awarded 'distinction'. The examiner commented 'Terrific playing, very well done '. This is the best result sofar and well deserved: Noah is HOT! Wayne got 85% and was awarded 'merit'. Considering that he practiced at home without a kit this too is an exceptional result. And guess what? a brand new Gretsch kit has now been delivered to his home!
Keep on practicing guys!

Finley passed grade 2 Rock School with distinction.Finley Maplestone, 7, passed his Grade 2 Rock School with 'distinction' last week, scoring and amazing 88% - this is a VERY Well Done! Keep going Finley!

5 students of the school (6-39 yr old) took their grade exams at Trinity Guildhall
on April 17th
All passed with excellent results. Oscar Lowe grade 1, Solomon Omar Appleby grade 2 and with 'merit': Angelo Darriet grade 2, Isaac Mensah Grade 1, Gary Maplestone, grade 4. Well Done guys, and keep
on practicing!

17 yr old drummer Jack Hayball and his band 'The Reverse' are in the studio recording their first album! This is real good rock music and Jack's drumming is brilliant! They are receiving more and more attention from promoters and are gigging regularly.

21 yr old drummer Maxwell Threadgill and his band 'Palm' are recording a new EP! We just love Max's band. great singer, great songs and superb drumming!

17 yr old drummer Yussef Dayes' band 'United Vibrations' launched their new single 'Galaxies No Ghettos' on Feb 28th at the Roundhouse Camden - London!
The band is classified as 'non-classifiable'. They have coined a new name for their particular style music: '12 Tone'. These guys are making history... And a splendid videos of their tracks are available here! Now he is what I call a drummer!

Drummer Yussef Dayes from 'United Vibrations' is featured in Drummer Magazine Jan 2011 issue - Read Yussef's interview in the 'THE RISER' section - full page article!
They have mis-spelt Dom's name (Pizzante instead of Pizzinat) but this young man is on his way to the top!!!
(Click on the pic below)
Drummer Magazine drummer Yussef Dayes

Solomon Appleby Omar is 11 yrs old and has been a student of the school since 2006 (see 'photos') . He has recorded his first single, a Christmas song entitled 'Starlight Baby' in which he sings and plays drums!!!!
- now available on Itunes.
All info on myspace here.

Dominique Pizzinat and the School of Rhythm have been featured in the South London Press (Tuesday Nov 30, 2010 publication) - first page headline and 3/4 page article inside.
(Click on the pic below)
Drum teacher Dominique Pizzinat - School of Rhythm London, SE 23

Drummer Yussef Dayes with his Honor Oak based band 'United Vibrations' have been supporting US singer Aloe Blacc on 'Later with Jools' live on BBC2 - Oct 26 and 29th 2010.
Other guests included Sir Paul McCartney, Neil Diamond and Elvis Costello.
They also played
on Canal Plus TV channel in Paris alongside Eminem and Scissor Sisters.

Yussef was one of the The School Of Rhythm's 1st students.

Here at the Graham Norton show with Aloe Blacc:
Youtube video

*Also: &

'The School of Rhythm - Let's Drum!' has been established since 2003 and gives drum lessons in Forest Hill, SE23- South East London
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